Jan 8, 2014 11:41:25 AM

Magnetic Separation in Plastics Recycling Plant
Europe’s largest plastic recycling plant uses Eclipse Separation System.

We have recently installed a magnetic separation system at the Eco-Plastics/Coca Cola Enterprises Ltd joint venture plant at Hemswell, Lincolnshire. It is Europe’s largest mixed plastic bottle sorting facility processing over 140,000 tonnes of material each year.

Protecting equipment and product

Many detergent bottles are fitted with metal spring loaded trigger mechanisms which become fragmented during the granulating process. If the metal is not removed it causes damage to equipment, such as pellet extruders and wash systems. Batches of the final pellet extrusion will also be rejected because of the presence of metal.

Demanding conditions

Eco-Plastics needed to remove metal at the post-granulation stage without affecting production efficiency.

The separation system needed to to handle 5 tonnes of granulated PET per hour and have the magnetic intensity to extract all the ferrous contamination, including very fine particles.

Critically, the system would need to run constantly for 24 hours a day and ensure that blockages did not occur whilst the granules passed through the magnet.

Auto-Rota Shuttle meets the challenge

We supplied 2 x 300mm Auto-Rota Shuttle magnetic separators.

The unit captures all metal fragments with high intensity 9000 gauss magnetic rods. The magnetic assembly rotates in process preventing any bridging or blockages around the magnets, ensuring a uniform flow of the granulated plastic.

It is ideal for continuous 24 hour operation. The fully automated cleaning system discharges ferrous contamination without having to stop the line for cleaning or routine maintenance.

The 2 units remove 85kg of ferrous materials from the process each week.

ATEX ready unit supplied in different sizes

The Auto Rota shuttle is made from stainless steel, can be supplied with full ATEX certification and in a variety of sizes to suit different process lines.

Material with metal contamination before it enters the Auto-Rota Shuttle.