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Chocolate Processing

Eclipse Product Installed: High Intensity Magnetic Liquid Filter

Industry: Food Processing

Finished Product: Liquid Chocolate


Liquid chocolate manufacture is an arduous process, it starts by breaking down the cocoa bean at the beginning of the process. This stage poses a contamination risk, as the rollers break down the cocoa bean they also wear and tiny contamination fragments can enter the product. Roller fragments and additional wear from process machinery can result in fine ferrous contamination being left in the end product, as it is too small for a metal detector to see. If this is not removed prior to tanker loading the customer could receive contaminated product into their plant.


In this application, several high intensity “Jacketed”magnetic liquid filters were installed pre & post critical machinery. Units varied in diameter dependant on process flow, in most circumstances the process flow was between 19m3/hour and 75m3/hour. The units were also supplied in a double wall “jacketed” configuration. This means that the unit can be linked up to heated pipelines, which is vital in ensuring liquid chocolate remains viscous.

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