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Starch Processing

Eclipse Product Installed: Rotagrid

Industry: Food Processing

Finished Product: Starch

Application Background

Starch production is subject to the stringent HACCP demands, however it is more difficult to pass through a standard separation system as it is prone to caking and bridging in a gravity fed chute, this can reduce output and result in line stoppages.

starch processing


Like most fine powder processed materials starch could have metal contamination present prior bag filling and despatch to customer. Starch is notoriously prone to caking and bridging, however a single or double row housed easy clean grid magnet would easily block.


Our Rotagrid features a centrally mounted cylindrical array of high intensity rod magnets, the array is driven by a motor and gearbox so that caking and bridging is avoided and the starch passes through at the required flow rates. The Rotagrid spins at approximately 28 revolutions per minute, and therefore the material is subjected to a double pass just like a traditional housed easy clean grid magnet. The unit extracts the finest ferrous contamination particles.


rota grid - magnetic separator

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