Ultralift TP Magnetic Lifter

Safe, efficient lifter for steel plate and steel pressingss

  • Ideal for lifting single sheets from stacks safely
  • Simple, quick, safe, single face engagement with the load
  • Built in safety features
  • Can lift up to 880lbs (400kg)

Overview - Ultralift TP Magnetic Lifter

The thin plate specialist

Manually operated permanent lifting magnet specifically designed for lifting thin plates and removing single sheets from a stack. Ultralift TP can lift steel sheets with thicknesses as low as 0.20 inches (5mm).

Ultralift TP has a built-in safety button that locks the handle thereby preventing accidental release while a load is being held. Simply attach the Ultralift TP to the hook of your crane or hoist and you're ready to go. A job that takes two men with hooks, chains or slings can be done with one hand using the Ultralift TP. No more struggles to attach heavy or awkward loads. No more worries about the stability of the load once it's lifted. 

Model Variations

Product NumberSelf weight (lbs)Material thickness 0.20 inches SWL (lbs)Material thickness 0.20 inches length max (inches)Material thickness 0.25 inches SWL (lbs)Material thickness 0.25 inches length max (inches)Material thickness 0.30 inches SWL (lbs)Material thickness 0.30 inches length max (inches)Material thickness 0.40 inches SWL (lbs)Material thickness 0.40 inches length max (inches)