Design Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies for Academic & Research Applications

Eclipse Magnetics understands the needs of customers to design commercially viable (profitable) novel products that have lower environmental impact, higher efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, better recyclability and best performance while solving a technical problem or meeting a newly identified consumer demand. With an unrivalled expertise in designing value adding magnetic solutions Eclipse Magnetics is a trusted partner for reliable long-term contract manufacturing supply.

This includes holding stock for guaranteed fast call off supply. Research activities are putting greater emphasis on cradle to cradle designed products with recycling, repair, re-use, and reduction deliberately built into the product lifecycle so that the end user can easily identify the products reduced environmental impact. A circular economy approach develops such products. Reduction in scarce materials and materials with high environmental impact are seen important in designs. Environmentally green and sustainable products now matter.

Whether the application is for designing magnets that have their grades labelled on them, designing out Rare Earth magnet materials in high power density motors, designing in better re-use of magnetic materials or helping develop hybrid drive systems, Eclipse Magnetics can design, specify, produce samples, send for customer approval and then mass produce to meet your automotive requirements. We like to use mutual NDA. We design to meet requirements for pull forces, torques, field strengths, temperature, etc. Our magnetic solutions include weight reduction, miniaturization, higher efficiency, greater holding force, cost reduction and even reduction of Rare Earth material use. Our manufacturing  also allows us to supply our solutions with PPAP, PSW and FAIR available.

Examples of Magnets used in Academic & Research include

  • Hybrid drives
  • 100% recycled product initiatives
  • Rare Earth magnet reduction motors and generators
  • Collaboration with University Research