High Performance Magnetic Assemblies & Materials for Audio Applications

Eclipse Magnetics understands the need for our customers to produce commercially viable, high performance audio products. To achieve this we work with your engineers and designers to provide the perfect solution for your magnetic assembly and material needs. We design the assembly to factor in, the coil space, air gap size, required magnet shape; we specify magnetic materials to fit your requirements. We can develop bespoke designs which fulfills your specifications. We like to use mutual NDA. We design to meet requirements for e.g. field strength in air gap, pole piece flux concentration, leakage reduction, temperature, etc. Our magnetic solutions include weight reduction, miniaturization, higher efficiency, greater field strength, cost reduction and even reduction of rare earth material use. Our China Joint Venture also allows us to supply our solutions with PPAP and PSW available.

Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies for Acoustic Application Examples Include:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Transducers
  • Speaker Drivers
  • Horns, Sounders
  • Sub-woofer, Woofer
  • Car Spakers
  • Public address systems
  • Voice Coil Motors
  • Tweeters, Super-tweeters
  • Microphones