Design & Supply of Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies for Motors, Actuators, Machines and Drives Application

Eclipse Magnetics understands the needs of electrical machine, motor, drive and actuator customers to design commercially viable PM machine solutions that have any of reduced weight, higher power density, compact design, longer service life, reduced cost or higher efficiency. This even includes Rare Earth free design alternatives. We can help with carbon footprint reduction, Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) and lowering CO2 emissions.

Whether the application is designing out Rare Earth magnets for Ferrite replacements, increasing power density, miniaturization, efficiency improvement, enhanced flux concentration at the poles, using external or internal rotors, temperature compensation, powdered iron use, eddy current reduction, torque ripple reduction, or energy demand reduction, Eclipse Magnetics will help you get your solution. We can even magnetically balance the rotor to even out back emf in each phase to simplify the power electronics. We like to use mutual NDA.

We can assist you to design for back emf, torque, field strengths, position sensing, weight reduction, miniaturization, higher efficiency, cost reduction and even Rare Earth replacement. We have Dr Ewan Goodier, an Electronic & Electrical Engineer with a PhD in the field of motor designs that use magnets, to assist with your magnetic application design and technical support. Our China Joint Venture also allows us to supply our solutions with PPAP and C of C. We even offer methods to allow for better recyclability to help meet WEEE requirements. With an unrivalled expertise in designing value adding magnetic solutions Eclipse Magnetics is a trusted partner for reliable long-term contract manufacturing supply. This includes holding stock for guaranteed fast call off supply.

Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies for Motors & Actuators Applications Include:

  • Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Magnets for Direct Drives
  • Magnets for Hybrid Drives
  • Internal Rotor Magnets
  • External Rotor Magnets
  • Stator Magnets
  • Magnets for Linear Actuators
  • Magnets for Servo Motors

Permanent Magnet Machine Assemblies: we can supply PM motor assemblies and sub-assemblies to customer design drawings. We also magnetically balance for multi-phase!