Pneumag Magnetic Separator

Removes ferrous and paramagnetic contamination effectively from pneumatic process lines

  • Provides protection for lean/dilute phase conveying lines
  • Includes a double-row high-intensity magnetic cartridge
  • Features an easy clean system to minimize downtime
  • ATEX approved version available

Overview - Pneumag Magnetic Separator

Providing protection against ferrous and paramagnetic contamination of dry powders and granulates

The Pneumag unit contains a double-row high-intensity magnetic cartridge. It is secured into its housing by quick-release toggle clamps, which ensure even pressure is generated around the unique silicon-based metal-detectable seal.

The Pneumag can be incorporated into any form of pneumatic conveying line, from lean to dense phase, and can be installed at any angle from vertical to horizontal. A common installation location is at a tanker discharge to inspect incoming materials.

Suitable for dry powders and granulates

Pneumatic or blown feed conveying lines

Features /Benefits
Metal detectable seal
Tamper-proof guard
Removes sub-micron sized contaminants

Magnetic Performance: 7000, 9000, 10000 (Easy clean), 11000 (Fixed) &  12000 (Fixed)
Performance Reading: on tube surface
Magnet Grade: N35 & N45 – Inspected and confirmed via hysterograph prior to use
Temperature: -4°F / +140°F (-20°C / +60°C)
Pressure: + / - 15 psi (+ / - 1 bar)

Magnetic Material: Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron - (NdFeb)
Housing: 316-grade stainless steel
Tubing: 316-grade stainless steel
Other Parts: 316-grade stainless steel
Sealing: Metal detectable silicon rubber – Blue, FDA approved
Surface Finish: Brushed internally / Polished externally to 1.2μm