Armature Plates for Electromagnets

To fit both hold and release electromagnets

  • Optimize electromagnet clamping performance
  • Available to suit energize to hold or energize to release electromagnets
  • Ideal for clamping and access control applications

Overview - Armature Plates for Electromagnets

Armature Ferromagnetic Plates for Electromagnets

Our armature plates allow our electromagnets to perform at their best - optimum holding forces, high magnetic permeability, low remanence.

The armature plates are quality ferromagnetic plates with fixing holes that are sized to suit both the energize to hold electromagnet and the energize to release electromagnet. They can be used as keeper plates in use to get the best clamping performance from the electromagnets and electro-permanent magnets and are often used when either no ferromagnetic material exists for the electromagnets to clamp onto or where the existing ferromagnetic surface is not ideal for best clamping (e.g. thin sheet, rusty steel, curved surfaces).

More Information on Armature Ferromagnetic Plates for Electromagnets

The Armature Plate is a high quality ferromagnetic plate to allow magnets, electromagnets, electro-permanent magnets and solenoids to clamp onto it. The armature plate has been designed specially to fit both our ranges of energize to hold electromagnets and energize to release electro-permanent magnets. The armature plate may also be known as a keeper plate. An electromagnet or electro-permanent magnet always needs a ferromagnetic surface to clamp onto – the ferromagnetic surface required is generally a mild steel or ferromagnetic stainless steel.

The quality of the ferromagnetic material can affect the performance of the electromagnet or electro-permanent magnet. Thinner materials tend to struggle to carry the magnetism, magnetically saturating and failing to achieve the maximum possible holding forces of the magnets. Corroded materials and materials with poor magnetic permeability also result in reduced performance form the magnets. Surfaces that are not smooth (curved, rippled, indented) and surfaces that have coatings to create effective air gaps also cause reductions in the pull forces possible.


The Use of a Dedicated Armature Plate

As such being able to use a dedicated armature plate will allow our electromagnets and electro-permanent magnets to achieve optimal pull forces. The armature plates allow our energize to hold electromagnets and energize to release electro-permanent magnets to perform at their maximum possible holding forces by combining high magnetic permeability, low remanence, minimized air gap and optimum magnetic pathways. The armature plates come in diameters varying from 0.98" to 3.94" (25mm to 100mm) to match the diameters of the electromagnets and electro-permanent magnets we supply.

Larger diameter electromagnets produce more magnetism requiring thicker armature plates to get the best performance, which is why our electromagnets are thicker as their diameter increases. Each armature plate has a counterbore hole to allow a simple fixing means.

The counterbore holes are designed to fit M3 up to M10 counterbore screws (depending on the size of armature plate). Each armature plate is also supplied with a counterbore screw for fixing with a flush fitment finish. Our armature plates could also be used with other magnets and magnetic products where a ferrous surface for magnetic clamping is not available (but note that our armature plates are designed for best use with our energize to hold electromagnets and energize to release electropermanent magnets.

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