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Micromag removes 100% of ferrous particles

Axle Gun Drilling

Company Name: India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd

Location: Faridabad, India

Eclipse Product Installed: Micromag MM5

Industry: Automotive (Motorcycle Components)

Process Type: Gun drilling of drive and main axles

Our Client

India Yahama Motor Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of the Yamaha Motor Co. The plant in Faridabad employs over 1000 people. On this application drive shaft channels are gun drilled into motorcycle axles. Cutting oil is pumped to the cutting contact point, it is then pumped through a 50 micron mesh filter before entering a “clean” tank. From the clean tank the oil is then re-circulated.

The Challenge

The previous mesh filtration was inadequate, allowing all particles smaller than 50 micron to continue to be re-circulated. As a result process inefficiencies occurred. The cutting oil pump had to be changed every 4 to 6 months, this was partially due to the wear caused by ferrous particles. Each pump replacement cost around $2000.

In addition the “clean” tank had to be drained and cleaned out every 3 months to remove the settled ferrous particles. The tank cleaning process took two men a full day and resulted in 24 hours of lost production. Each time the tank was cleaned there was a waste of 40 litres (10.6 gallons) of oil, costing approximately $180.

The Solution

The site fitted a Micromag MM5 in the flow circuit between the drilling area and the pump. With its’ sub-micron filtration capability, Micromag immediately ensured that almost 100% of the ferrous contamination was removed from the process. This has had a positive impact on production efficiency.

The lifespan of the cutting oil pump has doubled resulting in annual savings of $2000 on just this one machine. In addition the full day tank cleaning process is now only required every 6 months instead of every 3 months.

Minimising the exposure to ferrous contamination has also extended the lifespan of gun drills by 10%.