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Magnetic Technology Drives Down Costs and Improves Performance

Magnetic Pump Coupling

Industry: Pump OEM

We design magnetic pump couplings (canister designs and pancake designs) to meet customer requirements for pull out torque at customer specified application temperatures.

Bespoke Magnetic Coupling Design

We were approached by a UK company requiring a bespoke magnetic coupling design. The customer knew the torque rating they required and had a shaft diameter but they wished to keep magnet costs to a minimum and they wished to retain design control of the assembly for their bespoke application. Corrosion resistance was also desirable. We custom designed the magnetic design using stock item magnets (to allow continuity of supply at short notice while offering low magnet cost) and shared the design with the customer to develop the rest of their assembly to their own specifications.

We also supply magnetic assemblies and sub-assemblies to customer drawings for other pump coupling applications. We can design couplings with torque ratings from 1 Nm up to and beyond several hundred Nm for temperatures from below ambient to upwards of 300 degrees C.