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Magnetic Tools & Standard Magnets

Our World Famous “Red” Range of Magnetic Products

  • • Alnico “Red” magnets and pot magnets
  • • Magnetic workshop and general engineers tools
  • • Magnetic welding accessories
  • • Magnetic mounting aids for precision accessories

Launched in 1954, our “Red” range of magnetic products is now a globally recognised brand. It is an accepted symbol of high quality craftsmanship and guaranteed high performance. Since it’s launch it has set the benchmark for magnet quality, it has not only become the standard colour for magnets but has also pioneered magnet shapes and sizes which are now the norm worldwide. The magnetic tools range solve some basic problems in workshop and factory environments.

For the end user it is definitely a brand to trust for all applications from routine welding or clamping to high precision measurement.

For the distributor or stockist it is a sought after fast moving brand  which adds financial value and prestige to your portfolio.

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