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As the Canadian situation around COVID-19 evolves, we at Eclipse have continued to adapt our business operations to follow the recommendations of the Canadian government and health officials. The health and safety of our customers, employees, and community are our top priority at all times.

We will continue to operate but with modification. Our team is working hard to fulfill your orders and will continue to be available to answer your questions. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Plumbing & Heating

Dealing with Corrosion in Heating Systems

Eclipse Magnetics manufacture the Boilermag range, high performance products which protect heating systems from magnetite or sludge build up, thereby ensuring trouble-free operation and optimum performance.

Why is my system at risk?

From the time of installation a heating system will start to corrode as the water reacts with the steel in components such as radiators. The most common symptom of corrosion is a build-up of magnetite or sludge,this is a black mud-like substance which is an accumulation of fine ferrous particles of corrosion.

Why is my system at risk

Why is this a problem?

The magnetite or sludge will build over time and left unchecked will cause any of the following problems:

  • • Damage to the boiler – plugged heat exchangers and pipes
  • • Damage to the radiators – pin holing and leaks
  • • Cold spots in radiators
  • • Damage to pumps and valves
  • • Blocked pipework
Blocked Pipe
What are the potential costs?

All the above problems can lead to a huge increase in directly related costs:

  • • Increased maintenance costs and service call outs
  • • Premature failure of Boilers and other components – huge replacement costs
  • • Reduced heating efficiency – on-going energy costs

The associated costs, such as loss of income due to broken heating system, could be bigger still. Imagine the financial losses and brand damage which could result from having to close a hotel, factory or other commercial workplace because the heating system was not working.

Is there a solution?

Eclipse magnetics have developed the Boilermag range of magnetic filters to capture potentially destructive ferrous corrosion or sludge particles, thereby massively reducing all the risks outlined above.

Our range of magnetic heating system filters can be fitted anywhere on your central heating flow or return pipe. Circulating water passes across a powerful magnet and traps the ferrous metal sludge around the magnet. The magnet then holds the sludge, preventing it from passing through the boiler and thereby reducing the risk of damage to internal parts.

Each time your boiler is serviced, the filter is isolated and the magnet is removed – allowing sludge to be washed out. The magnet is then placed back into the filter.

We have systems available for all types of property from small domestic up to large industrial and commercial sites.

Please take a look at the products listed below and see how Boilermag can protect your heating system. For more information please contact us.

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