A Green Start To 2024 | Eclipse Magnetics

A Green Start To 2024

We began our journey to Net Zero in 2021 and have already made huge steps towards our goal. We hope to achieve Net Zero for Scope one and two emissions by 2030, and for Scope three emissions by 2040.

We recently released our 2023 financial year carbon footprint results. These recent results demonstrate that we are well on our way to achieving our Net Zero goals.

Here are just some of the fantastic Net Zero results that we have seen across the 2023 financial year.

32% Overall Reduction In Emissions

In the past financial year, we have seen a reduction in our total greenhouse gas emissions of 1,169 tCO2e. That’s a reduction of 32%, when compared to the 2022 financial year.

That’s the equivalent of:

  • Driving almost 3.45 million miles in a petrol car
  • The average annual electricity consumption of 1,152 UK homes
  • The CO2 sequestered by 1,844 trees

30% Reduction In Company Car Emissions

As a result of the beginning of our transition to a fleet of electric vehicles, our company car emissions reduced by 30% during the 2023 financial year. We’ve also seen a 75% reduction in the carbon generated by business travel since 2019 (the last pre-pandemic year).

Not only that, but around a quarter of commuted miles in the last financial year were in hybrid or electric vehicles. This demonstrates the commitment of our employees to collectively reduce our environmental impact. 

95% Of Waste Recycled Or Reused As Fuel

95% of waste generated by the business is recycled or reused as fuel, with 100% of our waste wood, cardboard, plastic and paper being recycled or reused for fuel. This helps to conserve our natural resources whilst reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

73% Of Outbound Deliveries Made With Carbon Neutral Carrier

Almost three quarters of our outbound deliveries were made with a carbon neutral carrier during 2023. This significant achievement reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

By choosing carbon-neutral carriers for the majority of our outbound deliveries in 2023, we actively contributed to reducing our carbon footprint and mitigating the impact of transportation on the planet.

100% Of Our Electricity Is Zero Carbon

From October 2023, all our electricity is now zero carbon, from a mix of nuclear and renewable sources. This is backed by guarantees of origin and nuclear declarations.

By ensuring that our electricity comes from a combination of nuclear and renewable sources, we have eliminated the carbon emissions associated with traditional fossil fuel-based power generation. This transition is not only a testament to our environmental responsibility but is also fortified by guarantees of origin and nuclear declarations, providing transparency and accountability in our sustainable practices.

In Summary

Climate change is one of the most important issues facing our planet today. It doesn’t just affect us, but our future generations. This means that it is the responsibility of every person and company to reduce our emissions and safeguard the future of our planet.

By working together to achieve net zero, we believe that we can secure a brighter future for our planet and our future generations.

Learn more about our Net Zero journey here