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Automag Skid: Product Spotlight

At Eclipse Magnetics, we have a diverse portfolio of magnetic solutions, from filtration to workholding and magnetic separation to stock magnets and tools. Each month, we shine a spotlight on a different product, giving you an insight into one of our core product offerings. 

This month, we'll tell you more about the Automag Skid filtration system, which is used in a wide range of industries for removing ferrous contamination from machine processes. 

What is Automag Skid?

The Automag Skid is a self-contained, automated filtration system. With an integral fluid and waste recovery system, it is ideal for uninterrupted, unmanned 24/7 machining and wash system processes.

How Does It Work?

The Automag Skid uses high-performance magnetic technology to extract ferrous contamination from oils, lubricants, wash solutions, and other cutting fluids.

Contaminated fluid enters the Automag Skid via an on-board pump, then flows through the filtration chamber, where the ferrous particles are extracted by magnetic rods. An on-board PLC controls the purge cycle, which automatically cleans the magnetic rods and diverts any waste to the integral reclaim unit. Reclaimable ferrous waste and fluids are then separated by a high-intensity coolant roller. The clean fluid is returned to process and the ferrous particles are compacted and collected for recycling.

 Key Product Features

  • Automag high-intensity magnetic filter
  • Integral purge tank
  • Magnetic reclaim (including a high-intensity magnetic roller)
  • Integral PLC box: automated operation
  • Purge valve
  • Optional pump

Key Benefits

  • Automated - ideal for 24/7 operations
  • Suitable for higher flow rates (up to 900 litres per minute)
  • Cleaner, longer-lasting fluids—minimal fluid loss or replacement
  • Reduced consumable filter media use.
  • Reduced downtime: fewer tool breakages or replacements
  • Improved product surface quality
  • Protects the environment by reducing waste

Product Variations

Automag Skid is available in basic single AM6 (flow rates up to 450 litres) or AM12 (flow rates up to 900 litres per minute) units. Multiple Automag units can also be supplied for higher flow rates. Each comes complete with a PLC unit, purge valves, and a reclaim/recovery unit. An optional pump can also be supplied. For smaller automated operations, see our Autofiltrex. To discuss your application please contact us.

Typical Industries and Applications

Here are some of the most common industries and applications where you'll find the Automag Skid. 


  • Body wash lines
  • Paint line pre-treatment
  • Electrophoretic deposition
  • Engine honing
  • Crank shaft super-finishing
  • Drive and crankshaft gun drilling
  • Gear lapping
  • Valve face grinding

Bearing Manufacture

  • Hub honing
  • Ball, ring, and raceway grinding
  • Parts wash systems

Steel Processing and Manufacture

  • Steel rolling mills
  • Heat treatment and quenching
  • Form rolling
  • Steel pipe and tubing cutting and grinding
  • Offshore and structural tubing honing

General Machining and Tool Cutting

  • VMC, HMC, and CNC machines
  • Multi-axis vertical turning centres
  • Deep hole/gun drilling
  • EDM machines
  • Superfinishing processes
  • Drill and end-mill manufacture

Case Studies

Below, you'll find some of the customers that are currently benefiting from the Automag Skid filtration system.

Automag saves £1,000 per week on offshore pipe production line

Automag removes 450kg ferrous waste per week from steel pipe forming production line

Automag removes 12,000kg of ferrous contamination per month from steel rolling application

Automag eliminates steel contamination from electrophoretic deposition tank

Learn More 

For more information on the Automag Skid filtration system, or to discuss your application challenges in more detail, get in touch with us today.