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Eclipse Neodymium Magnets Have It Covered

At Eclipse Magnetics, our aim is to help our customers "Work Smart with Magnets". Our products solve problems from the very complex to the simple but nevertheless equally frustrating. A recent fixing application at C&L Covers was no exception. Magnets were used to improve on an established method of anchoring PVC side doors to metal surfaces on light vehicles such as golf buggies and forklifts.

Wallasey based C&L Covers is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of PVC covers for a range of applications, including vehicle dividing screens, laundry containers, and roll cage doors. They needed to source a quick, trouble-free means of securing covers to steel surfaces for certain applications.

The obvious choice was Velcro, but this proved cumbersome and ineffective. Velcro requires fixing pads to both the cab and the cover. Lining up the male and female Velcro pads to get a secure attachment was also troublesome, especially from the inside of the cab with no margin for error and often with dirty hands. Velcro also had a limited lifespan.

Neodymium Bar or Block Magnets came to the rescue. The magnets were sewn into a pouch at various points around the cover. This made it simple to attach the cover, the magnets were simply located on the steel cab side. The magnetic pull force gave sufficient strength to give an effective seal but was also easy to release by simply pushing from the inside. All in all, it’s a much better solution than Velcro.

Carl O’Neill, Works Manager at C&L, comments, "The magnets are doing a great job; they were the simplest and, on balance, most cost-effective solution to solve the nagging problem. We have also enjoyed dealing with a UK based company, which enables us to call off stock from a UK location in quick time."

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