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Fluid Management Expert Applies Magnetic Technology

Oil and diesel filtration experts, Filtration Analysis Services Technology Ltd. (FA-ST), are benefiting from magnetic technology by applying Eclipse magnetic filtration and Ferrite pot magnets to very different, but nevertheless challenging, applications. 

Derbyshire-based FA-ST provides preventative and pro-active maintenance, contamination control equipment, and services to a wide range of mechanical applications in various industries such as steel, power generation, marine, construction, and mechanical handling. They specialise in protecting equipment such as hydraulics, electrical transformers, lubrication systems, and gearboxes.

FA-ST is now regularly fitting Micromag magnetic filters to their Micro-Filtration units, which protect mechanical equipment from the build-up of potentially damaging contaminants such as natural corrosion and abrasive wear particles. 

The Micro Filtration units are used as a temporary or permanent solution; with the standard version fitted with a cellulose membrane filter. The membrane filters out particles down to a size of 3 microns, but some applications need sub-micron performance to eradicate fine particle build-up. The solution was a Micromag magnetic filter. With its high-strength neodymium magnetic core, it removes the finest ferrous particles from circulation. 

The latest application was on a coolant radiator on a casting machine at a steel foundry. Fine rust particles in the ethylene glycol fluid were adversely affecting the cooling performance. Cooling performance was restored when a Micromag specification Micro-Filtration unit was installed to “polish” the fluids. 

Craig Cousins, Business Development Manager at FA-ST, commented, “Particulate ingress is the leading cause of mechanical wear, increased maintenance time, and performance loss. With the right fluid filtration system, we can extend the life of critical equipment by up to five times. The Micromag filters have continually provided excellent results in the most demanding “fine particle” applications. We have used magnets for nearly 15 years in a multitude of applications”. 

The Eclipse Magnetics diverse magnet portfolio also came to the rescue in another very different application. The FA-ST team uses Eclipse Ferrite Pot magnets in the manufacture of their MagClamps magnetic fixing system. MagClamps are used to secure hoses, pipes, and cables without the need for drilling or welding. The Ferrite Pot magnets come complete with a screw-threaded ferrule for attaching hooks or clamps. The ferrite material provides a secure, cost-effective hold that is easy to remove when required. 

Dave Smith, “Sales & Marketing Director at Eclipse, commented, “We are delighted to be working with FA-ST; as an expert in fluid management, we really value their feedback. Magnetic filters are commonly associated with machine tool filtration, but they can also make a huge difference to costs, maintenance, and equipment lifespans in mechanical equipment such as hydraulics and gears. The Ferrite Pot magnet application also illustrates the diverse problem-solving capabilities of our magnet portfolio.”

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For more details about FA-ST filtration products and services, visit www.fa-st.co.uk or contact [email protected]. Or visit their web-shop www.oilsampling.co.uk.