Huge cost savings achieved in EDM Process utilising Eclipse Magnetics Micromag Magnetic Filters

The use of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) has increased  rapidly in recent years due to its ability to produce precision parts to demanding  tolerances. It is predicted that this industry be more than 6 billion dollars in 2027

However the wire EDM process is known for its inefficiency and energy wastage. Wire EDM machine is prone to secondary sparking and wire breakages, Depending on how the wire is re-threaded, wire EDM can cause significant time delays, or even productivity loss.

The UK-based manufacturer of precision tool components ADM Precision Tools Ltd based in Whitefield, Manchester was keen to improve the efficiency and cycle time of its Sodick AQ600L wire erosion machine. 

ADM Precision Tools was assisted by Sodi-Tech, a global supplier/manufacturer of EDM machinery, in its R&D programs with Eclipse Magnetics. ADM Precision Tools trialled the MM20 Micromag magnetic filter from Eclipse's filtration range to explore the benefits that the magnetic filter can bring to its Wire EDM machining and the dielectric fluid.

Our recent case study about ADM Precision Tool's EDM filtration detailed how it improved the performance of EDM machines, enabling it to achieve £200,000 in yields per year with just a £1500 Micromag investment, you can read it here.

To find out more about how Eclipse Magnetics filtration equipment can boost the EDM process, visit here or contact the team at [email protected]