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Precision Security System Manufacturer Unlocks the Benefits of Magnetic Filtration

We are delighted to report on another successful "problem-solving" installation for our Micromag high-intensity magnetic filter. Wokingham-based Surelock McGill Ltd. is the latest convert to magnetic filtration.

Established for over 50 years, Surelock McGill is a leading manufacturer of precision, high-quality door locking and bolting systems and ancillary products such as key and asset management cabinets. All their products are manufactured to precise specifications and to meet demanding worldwide standards for security and safety.

In this application, a Micromag MM10 was installed in conjunction with a Sliding Head Lathe 32J Type 2 supplied by Star Micronics Ltd.

The Micromag filter was fitted on the return cycle to the tank to remove fine swarf from Star 22 lubricating oil. This machine predominantly bores stainless steel 316 door hinge barrels to a depth of 60mm, producing up to 300 parts a day to precise internal and external tolerances.

The lathe was previously fitted with a swarf conveyor, which removed larger swarf fragments before the oil returned to circulation. In addition, there were also low-intensity magnetic swarf separators located inside the main holding tank.

The main problem was that the coolant pipes were regularly blocked by excess swarf circulating in the oil. This was causing regular tool burnouts and excess maintenance downtime. The existing filtration was effective in removing larger ferrous particles, while particles smaller than 20 microns continued to circulate. Surelock McGill began the quest to find a low-maintenance, cost-effective filter that tackled the problem of removing the smaller particles.

After careful evaluation, a Micromag MM10 magnetic filter from Eclipse Magnetics was installed. A combination of high-intensity Neodymium magnetic cores and advanced flow dynamics ensures the filter extracts the finest ferrous particles from circulation.

Since installing Micromag, there have been noticeable process improvements. Tool breakages and burnouts have been reduced to virtually zero as the coolant pipes have been relatively debris-free. The disposable elements of the conveyor filter have generally enjoyed up to a 30% longer lifespan. The Surelock McGill team was so confident in Micromag that they have used it to reclaim some heavily swarf-contaminated oil. They circulated 400 litres of contaminated oil through the filter, which extracted virtually all the swarf particles making the oil good to reuse.

The Auto Section Leader at Surelock McGill commented, “Installing Micromag has definitely improved our process; the problem of blocked coolant pipes has virtually disappeared, and our oil is cleaner and, as a result lasts longer. All in all, the Micromag has proved to be great value for money."

Micromag is available to suit flow rates of up to 150 litres per minute and is available in a high-pressure version for through-spindle coolant applications. To find out more click here