Magnetic Filters Remove the Finest Ferrous Particles from Coolant Fluids

The best way to keep your machinery in excellent condition is to use cleaner coolant fluids. Dirty machine coolant and lubrication can cause wear and tear to machinery.

The waste from mechanical processes such as grinding, milling, and cutting metals often contains fine ferrous bits. They may come in the form of tiny metal particles that are not visible to the naked eye. When mixed into the coolant, these ferrous particles can cause damage in slides and pumps, clog filters, compromise seals, or cause machinery to suffer. Internal components can also become degraded, which eventually leads to more frequent maintenance. It is also possible for particles to damage filters, and these must be replaced regularly.

In today's manufacturing environment, proper filtration plays an important role. It can be challenging for conventional filters to remove fine metal particles. Magnetic Coolant Filters, on the contrary, are capable of submicron filtering by using magnets that attract and remove the smallest particles. This makes the coolant cleaner as well as more efficient.


The Most Economical, Efficient Method to Increase Productivity & Minimise Downtime

Our patented magnetic filtration or magnetic separation systems are the ultimate in filtration technology. It can significantly prolong the equipment's life span by preventing ferrous particles from entering your coolant. Providing key benefits in comparison to traditional coolant filter media such as paper filters or band filters, cartridge filters, centrifuges and magnetic rollers.

Extended fluid life

Reduced costs, decreased fluid disposal.

Lower consumable costs

Reduced media filter consumption.

Environmentally friendly

Reduces consumable filter waste and fluid disposal, recycles ferrous waste.

Increased productivity

Reduced machine downtime, tool wear and inspection failures.

Improved product quality

Better surface finish - cleaner fluids enable a cleaner precision cut or grind.

Health & Safety

Prevents bacterial growth and minimises exposure to abrasive swarf.

Providing The Highest Quality Coolant Filter Systems

The success of advanced magnetic filtration is based on high-performance magnets and optimised fluid flow dynamics. This enables magnetic filters to remove almost 100% of ferrous contamination without the need to regularly replace consumable media filters, or having adverse effects on fluid properties.

Traditional coolant filters or grinding fluid filters such as bag or band  filters typically leave ferrous particles smaller than 5-10 microns circulating in the fluid, which causes damage to equipment and finished products.

Giving Key Industrial Sectors A Competitive Edge

Our industrial machine coolant filters are easy to install. They are suitable for metalworking machine applications, including milling, boring, broaching, turning, grinding, honing, lapping, drilling, tool cutting, steel rolling and EDM machines

The magnetic filters we develop are widely used by industry leaders and precision components manufacturers to enhance production efficiency and protect the environment. 

Learn why precision industries are choosing our magnetic coolant filters...

"We were delighted with the service provided by Eclipse Magnetics; from the initial site survey through to delivery."

Adrian Seeley, Production Supervisor at AB MAURI UK & Ireland

"I cannot begin to tell you how much it has helped our operation, the magnetic filtration unit has been a real problem solver it has surpassed all our expectations. Its cured a 30 year plague!"

Maintenance Manager at EXL Tube (Steel Ventures)

"This technology is economical, reliable and efficient. I believe that magnetic filtration technology is the future."

John Smith, MMTCI

"Magnetic filtration has dramatically cleaned up our fluids and improved the surface finish we can offer. It extracts around 50Kg per day of ferrous waste."

Facilities Manager, Milacron Machines (Sub-Contract Machining)

"We chose Eclipse Magnetics to supply our housed grid because they are a respected and well-established brand. They offered us a very competitive price, and the process of ordering and installation was straightforward and reliable."

Pat Richards, Chief Engineer at Simpsons Malt

“We are delighted with the Automag installation; it’s solved all the problems we were having previously with downtime and maintenance costs. The filter means that we are able to use recycled water, which is saving us £1000 per week!”

Kenneth McRae, Principle Engineer at Vallourec

"Here at Qualflow, we base our business on a philosophy of make the product simple to use, reliable and cost-effective. Eclipse Magnetics’ neodymium magnets offer the strongest magnetic performance, and are nickel plated, making them a cost effective.."

Justin Lawler Ph.D. MBA, Chief Technology Officer at Qualflow Systems Ltd

"The Ultralift Plus magnetic lifter from Eclipse Magnetics is the perfect solution for the pick-up and transportation of the ultrasonic calibration blocks in our facility"

John Crossley, NDT Technology Lead at the Nuclear AMRC

"The result is an aesthetically pleasing system, which is effective in trapping metal contaminants and is easy to clean..."

Ian Aunger at Roquette