Automag Skid Magnetic Filter | Eclipse Magnetics

Automag Skid Magnetic Filter

Automated clean filter, flow rates up to 10,000 litres per min.

  • Ideal for high-volume 24/7 machine tool or wash system processes
  • Includes integral waste/fluid reclaim unit
  • Reduces expenditure on media filters such as bags, paper or cartridges
  • Fully automated cleaning and fluid recovery system
  • Environmentally friendly filter - reduces waste disposal
  • Reduces lubricants, oil, and coolant consumption

Overview - Automag Skid Magnetic Filter

Ideal for 24/7 Precision Machining

The Automag Skid magnetic filtration system is a self-contained filtration and fluid recovery system.

The fully automated industrial fluid filtration unit or coolant separator minimises fluid loss during cleaning and is ideal for 24/7 high volume single or multi-cell CNC machining or wash system applications. The combination of  high-performance magnetic circuits and a patented dual flow system ensures almost 100% of ferrous waste is  filtered  leaving clean cutting, grinding fluids or wash solutions to return to process . 

The unit is fully automated and PLC compatible. Other than initial settings, no user intervention required .  The integral fluid recovery system ensures minimal fluid wastage and as an added benefit the ferrous partcles are reclaimed and can be recycled. Read about  some of our successful installations.

Investment in Automag Skid  magnetic filtration systems often has a rapid payback in consumable filter savings, machine downtime savings, reduced expendiure on coolants, oils etc and an improved finished product quality . In addition, they make a significant contribution in reducing machine tool associated waste. Magnetic filtration is an ideal choice for ISO14001 compliance.

Automag Skid is an industrial filter which can be suppllied with a single filtration unit or multiiple filtration units depending on the size an volume requirements of  the application. It can be used for in-line filtration or as an off-line fluid cleaning system. See how Automag Skid saved £1000 per week.             

How Automag Works

Fluid passes through the dual chambers of the Automag magnetic filter where steel contamination collects on the magnetic rods. On a preset timing the ferrous particles are released during a "purge" cycle.

The filters output is briefly diverted to a purge tank where dirty fluid passes through a  magnetic reclaim which separates out ferrous contamination in a semi-dry form and returns clean fluid back to process. Thereby minimising fluid loss and maximising ferrous particle extraction.      

For high volume wash station applications see Automag AM32 



"We were delighted with the service provided by Eclipse Magnetics; from the initial site survey through to delivery."

Adrian Seeley, Production Supervisor at AB MAURI UK & Ireland

"I cannot begin to tell you how much it has helped our operation, the magnetic filtration unit has been a real problem solver it has surpassed all our expectations. Its cured a 30 year plague!"

Maintenance Manager at EXL Tube (Steel Ventures)

"This technology is economical, reliable and efficient. I believe that magnetic filtration technology is the future."

John Smith, MMTCI

"Magnetic filtration has dramatically cleaned up our fluids and improved the surface finish we can offer. It extracts around 50Kg per day of ferrous waste."

Facilities Manager, Milacron Machines (Sub-Contract Machining)

"We chose Eclipse Magnetics to supply our housed grid because they are a respected and well-established brand. They offered us a very competitive price, and the process of ordering and installation was straightforward and reliable."

Pat Richards, Chief Engineer at Simpsons Malt

“We are delighted with the Automag installation; it’s solved all the problems we were having previously with downtime and maintenance costs. The filter means that we are able to use recycled water, which is saving us £1000 per week!”

Kenneth McRae, Principle Engineer at Vallourec

"Here at Qualflow, we base our business on a philosophy of make the product simple to use, reliable and cost-effective. Eclipse Magnetics’ neodymium magnets offer the strongest magnetic performance, and are nickel plated, making them a cost effective.."

Justin Lawler Ph.D. MBA, Chief Technology Officer at Qualflow Systems Ltd

"The Ultralift Plus magnetic lifter from Eclipse Magnetics is the perfect solution for the pick-up and transportation of the ultrasonic calibration blocks in our facility"

John Crossley, NDT Technology Lead at the Nuclear AMRC

"The result is an aesthetically pleasing system, which is effective in trapping metal contaminants and is easy to clean..."

Ian Aunger at Roquette