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Flexible Magnets (Rubber)

Eclipse Magnetics understands the needs of the product designer, graphic designer, printer, marketing manager and end user. We offer a comprehensive range of magnets and magnetic products to meet the marketing and advertising needs for Point of Sale displays, packaging products and signage. 

Flexible magnets are produced by a ferrite magnet material mixed with a flexible rubber binder which is then extruded or calendared to create profiles, tapes and sheets. Because the binder is flexible, the material can be rolled. The flexible magnetic rubber is multiple poled on one side (some versions, termed anisotropic) is magnetic on both sides. Extra options include vinyl finish, dry wipe, printed, etc.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Flexible Magnets


  • Relatively low cost.
  • Can generally be rolled up for storage and ease of transporting around.
  • Can print onto the vinyl surface to create bespoke visual displays.
  • Can be produced in a customised manner for practicality e.g. adding ferrous sheet and printed vinyl so magnets would attract to the ferrous layer in magnetic maps.
  • Can add adhesive backing layer.



  • Binder softens at +50 to +70 degrees C (122-158F) and higher and the magnetic performance is lost.
  • The material stiffens as it gets colder.
  • Below around -20 degrees C (-4F) the ferrite starts to lose its performance by demagnetisation.
  • Some options cannot be rolled up (e.g. magnetic rubber plus ferrous sheet plus vinyl plus dry wipe combination is laminated together so should not be rolled up).

Typical Applications for Flexible Magnets

  • Vehicle magnetic graphics.
  • Magnetic signs and displays (Point of Sale).
  • Advertising.
  • Magnetic maps, charts, music boards.
  • Painting booth magnetic covers.
  • Magnetic gaskets.

Example: A customer wanted to convert their magnetic white board to a customised planning chart that is removable. The solution was to take their artwork for the chart, print it onto white vinyl coated magnetic rubber and add a dry wipe finish so whiteboard pens could be used on it.