EHEDG Approved Magnetic Separator | Eclipse Magnetics

EHEDG Magnetic Separator

  • Approved to EHEDG Class II standards
  • Ideal for pneumatic or gravity feed conveying lines
  • Premium internal surface finish meets highest hygiene demands
  • Features double row high intensity magnets

Overview - EHEDG Magnetic Separator

Meeting the most demanding hygiene standards

Our EHEDG high-intensity magnetic separator is manufactured in accordance with the most demanding hygiene standards. It is designed to operate in lean/dilute phase conveying lines or gravity-fed pipes to provide protection against ferrous and paramagnetic contamination.

What is EHEDG

The European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) is the leading organisation devoted to the advancement of hygienic design and food engineering. It sets stringent standards on product manufacture. To obtain EHEDG approval products must conform to the standards and pass a rigorous inspection before being finally certified. Our EHEDG Magnetic Separator successfully conforms to the essential hygienic design guidelines as set out by EHEDG, therefore meeting the most demanding hygiene standards and guaranteeing the purity.

Product Benefits

Suitable for dry powders and granulates, the EHEDG magnetic separator sets premium standards in product design and surface finish. It features high-intensity magnetic circuits which extract any ferrous contamination including the smallest particles.

The unit features a double row of magnets within a single assembly high-intensity magnetic cartridge. It is secured into its housing by DIN11853-3 Tri-clamps which ensures even pressure is generated around the closure. 

For pnuematic feed metal detection see GF4000