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INTUITY Metal Detector

Metal detector for installation on conveyor belts

  • Multi-Simultaneous Frequency Technology provides excellent detection capability
  • Meets or exceeds all major food safety standards and retailer codes of practice
  • Specialised Compliance Mode software ensures conformity to Food Safety Programs
  • Active detection performance displayed via Detection Forecast Algorithms

Overview - INTUITY Metal Detector

Protecting conveyed product from metal contamination

The high-performance INTUITY metal detector from Eclipse Magnetics is widely used in the food industry for the inspection of packaged, unpackaged and bulk products on conveyor systems. 

Conductive product signals are managed via multi-simultaneous frequency technology to provide detection of all types of metals, magnetic or non-magnetic, stainless steel, iron or brass down to the smallest levels possible. The combination of high-quality metal detection and simple, user friendly menus makes it easy for every user to operate The well-designed graphical user interface facilitates clear understanding and provides a good overview of the information.


All events are logged in the logbook and are available for quality evaluations and audits via Ethernet or USB

Ergonomic position of user interface on the metal detector and easy to operate user interface INTUITY CONTROL

Automatic audit-check software alerts when validation is required

Elimination of product effect for pure clean metal signals

Meet or Exceeds IFS, BRC and other food safety standards for metal detectors

Innovative user interface INTUITY CONTROL

Technical Data

Download Intuity Metal Detector Datasheet