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90 Degree Disc And Plate Lifter

Cost effective lifting frame and lifting magnet for heavy steel discs and plates

  • Lift and turn in one single operation.
  • Returning to the pallet is simply the reverse of this movement.
  • The magnet position on the frame is adjustable to suit different load diameters.
  • The lifting point on the frame can also be adjusted to ensure a balanced lift.
  • A neat handgrip on the frame makes it easy to guide the load to its location.

Overview - 90 Degree Disc And Plate Lifter

Ideal for lifting and rotating steel discs and plates

Ideal for lifting and rotating steel discs and plates in positioning and machine loading applications. The disc and plate lifter is a cost effective lifting frame with an integrated permanent lifting magnet which allows you to pick the load from the floor and turn it through 90 degrees for final positioning.

The lower location pins prevent the load sliding when it is lifted through 90° and allow a lighter and more cost effective magnet to be use.

For lifting up to 2000Kgs see Ultralift Plus

Model Variations

Product NumberSwl (kg)Load Thickness min (mm)Load Thickness max (mm)Load Dia. min (mm)Load Dia. max (mm)