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Optimag P Magnetic Handling System

Ideal for lifting or handling rigid, thin, perforated or sheet steel

  • Failsafe operation - lose air the load is still retained
  • Energy efficient - air only required for on/off switching NOT required during lift
  • Can hold through large air gaps such as packaging
  • Modular system - one or multiple units can be used
  • No damage to part being handled
  • Excellent weight to performance ratio
  • Easy installation, low maintenance

Overview - Optimag P Magnetic Handling System

Pneumatically switchable permanent magnet (PSPM)

Optimag P is ideal for clamping or lifting thin or perforated ferrous pressings and sheet material from 2mm thick. It is suitable for loads with rough, uneven or painted surfaces.

Available in circular or rectangular configurations, Optimag P is typically used in robotics, pick and place, transfer machinery or manipulator applications. Lift in Safety, the Optimag P magnetic lifter incorporates permanent magnetic technology. A short pulse of compressed air is only required to switch it on or off. Once energised or de-energised it will not change until it receives another pulse of air. If the power source fails the load will still be held securely.

For lifting steel >10mm thickness see Optimag E 

Model Variations

Product NumberLoad profileSwl (kg)Diameter A (mm)Height B (mm)Width C (mm)Length D (mm)Unit Weight (kg)