Recovery Magnet | Eclipse Magnetics

Recovery Magnet

Ideal for recovering or finding lost or discarded ferrous items

  • Ideal for recovery of items from tanks or vats or ponds
  • 50kg maximum pull force
  • Integral rope anchor point
  • Constructed from highly durable ferrite magnets
  • Magnetic on four faces
  • Part number E936

Overview - Recovery Magnet

High Performance Retrieval Magnet

Our recovery magnets are ideal for retrieving ferrous items such as keys, tools, nuts and screws from hard to reach places. This enables you to quickly, safely and efficiently retrieve your items, without compromising your safety.

The integral rope anchor point allows for a maximum pull force of 50kg, so you don't have to worry about breakages. 

It's also magnetic on four faces, giving maximum surface coverage for a fast and effective retrieval. 

Fishing Magnets

You may also hear this type of magnet referred to as a fishing magnet. This is because our recovery magnets are ideal for safely retrieving items from water, such as a pond, tank or vat. 

So, if you have dropped a ferrous item into water, our fishing magnets will help you to retrieve your item quickly and efficiently, without getting wet!

You might also use a retrieval magnet for magnet fishing - where magnets are used to find items in outdoor waters. 

This type of magnet is also be used on boats to retrieve magnetic items dropped overboard.