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Special Magnetic Retrieval Tool with Torch & Claw Grabber

Retrieves lost or dropped items from hard to access places

  • Features an LED light
  • Flexible head for hard to access places
  • With magnetic base to hold in place when used as an inspection light
  • Features a push button activated claw for grabbing non-magnetic items
  • Long reach 625mm stem
  • Part number MRT625MFF

Overview - Special Magnetic Retrieval Tool with Torch & Claw Grabber

Includes Claw Grabber, LED light and Magnetic Base  

This versatile retrieval tool or recovery tool , picks up both components. It's ideal for recovering small items such as bolts, lost keys, pens , tools from resticted space locations such as. under furniture, down the back of cabinets,  in car engines , down grates. The flixible stem means it can pas around corners. A four prong grabber is simply controlled by a push button mechanism allowing it to pick up non-ferrous items. A magnetic base   allows it to be mounted on steel surfaces where the integral  LED light can be used for emergency illumination. Ideal for general tool box usage, engineers workshops, crafts, electrical or garage applications. For heavy duty retrieval click here.