Sectors Working Smart with Magnets | Eclipse Magnetics

Let your Business Work Smart with Magnets

Businesses around the world are applying magnets to everyday challenges, making their processes easier, gaining time and enjoying money saving advantages in addition to benefitting from safety enhancements. Some typical sectors who "Work Smart with Magnets" are shown below.

Garage & Motor Repairs

Magnetic tools are widely used to save time and stress for those problematical jobs in garage bays, vehicle repair and servicing in such applications as:-

Retail and Display

Our selection of magnet types and magnetic materials are used in a wide range of display applications for ease of application and giving zero damage when removed:-

Electrical Wholesalers & Electricians

Magnetic solutions can be used in specialist electrical applications:

Warehouse & Distribution Centres

Magnetic products are often the answer for quick, cost effective option for any of the following:

Manufacturing & Engineering

Many manufacturing industries benefit from "Working Smart with Magnets" in a variety of applications:


Distribution of Our Products Around the World

Besides our direct sales channel, we also have a global distribution network that stocks a wide range of magnets. You can find a list of our global distributors here.