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Our Magnetic Separators Protect Pharmaceutical Processes from Contamination

Magnetic Separators meet Demanding Pharmaceutical Standards

Our Magnetic Separators and Metal Detectors meet the demanding standards stipulated by pharmaceutical companies in terms of product quality, performance and guaranteed reliability. Our magnetic separation and detection systems are used at all HACCP stages of pharmaceutical powders, granules and pastes processing from raw material goods inwards to finished product goods out.

Our products have been carefully engineered to ensure complete hygiene and functional integrity. We supply to some of the leading names in the pharmaceutical industry such as PfizerGlaxo Smith KlineAbbott LaboratoriesGenzymeRoche and AstraZeneca.

Understanding the Demands of the Pharmaceutical Industry

We offer a range of products and services to the Pharmaceutical Industry 

  • High magnetic performance – 12,000 Gauss
  • A wide range of metal detector and separator options
  • EHEDG approved magnetic separators
  • Sub-micron accurate surface finish
  • Full certification and validation packs
  • Effective management of HACCP
  • ATEX certified products
  • Multi-site strategy – supply standardisation
  • Validation and testing – certification for audits
  • System design consultation and bespoke product manufacture

Typical Magnetic Separator or Metal Detector Applications

Our magnetic separators and metal detectors can be installed at various HACCP points within the production process including:- gravity fed chutes, pre and post sifting, bulk discharge, sieving stations, pre and post mixers, vacuum or pneumatically fed lines, paste mixing and packaged product inspection.

They are suitable for use with pharmaceuticals in tablet, capsule, powder or liquid form. Our tunnel metal detectors can also be used to detect contamination end of line finished packaged product

Find Out More About Our Magnetic Solutions For The Pharmaceuticals Industry

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