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A Guide to Magnetic Separation in the Food Industry

At Eclipse Magnetics, our mission is to help you work smart with magnets by overcoming everyday challenges with our magnets & magnetic tools. If you are a stockist looking to add value to your portfolio with world renowned branded fast moving items, this webinar will also be of interest. Find out more by taking a few minutes to watch our webinar, complete with action video footage.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • A¬†variety of magnet options and applications
  • See magnetic lifting in action
  • See how magnetic welding clamps in action
  • See how magnetic sweepers and pick up tools at work
  • See how magnets are used to mount measuring equipment
  • And many more value adding magnetic products
More about the presenter

Kerri Ellis - Technical Expert

Kerri Ellis has over 17 years of experience in the Industrial Products distribution sector. Her focus is supporting Eclipse Magnetics worldwide customer base in promoting the range of magnetic workshop tools and magnet materials. Kerri offers her expertise to help manufacturers/businesses solving everyday challenges with Smart Magnetic Products.

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