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Micromag stops surface scratching

Bearing Super-finishing

Company Name: Tsubaki-Hoover

Location: Luban (Poland)

Eclipse Product Installed: Micromag MM5

Industry: Bearing Manufacture

Process Type: Surface Polishing

Our Client

Tsubaki-Hoover are a leading manufacturer of high quality precision ball bearings and housings for the automotive and household appliance markets. In this application chrome steel balls and rollers run through an automatic super-finish process to produce a high quality polished finish. A Quaker coolant solution is delivered to contact points and re-circulated via magnetic rollers and paper filters.

The Challenge

The previous filtration system was only effective in extracting ferrous contamination down to 20 micron size. As a result smaller particles continued to be circulated and accumulated around the polishing head. This caused abrasive wear and adversely affected the product finish. As a result product reject rates were high and frequent stoppages occurred for cleaning.

The Solution

Micromag MM5 was fitted to work alongside the existing filtration. The MM5 was fitted in the circulation flow between the magnetic roller and the paper filter. This was successful in ensuring that the smaller ferrous particles were extracted preventing a build up around the polishing tool. As a result there was no scratching on the part surface and reject rates were minimised. After successful trials the factory has now purchased 50 units to be fitted on other machines.