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Filtramag reduces reject rates to zero

Gear Grinding & Honing

Company Name: Scania

Location: Södertälje (Sweden)

Eclipse Product Installed: Filtramag FM2.5

Industry: Automotive

Process Type: CNC Machining – Grinding Process

Our Client

Scania are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles. This application was on grinding and honing processes for transmission mild steel parts such as gears. Binol Cut 30 lubricating oil was circulated to the contact area at 10-12 bar (145-174 PSI) pressure delivering 380-400 litres (100-106 Gals) per minute. During the circulation the only means of filtration were magnetic rollers which collected larger ferrous particles.

The Challenge

Because the magnetic roller could only remove particles of 0.1mm (0.004") or above anything smaller continued to be circulated. The grinding tools were regularly being replaced due to abrasive wear caused by ferrous particles. In addition the part’s surface finish was adversely affected, increasing product reject rates.

The Solution

Filtramag FM2.5 was fitted as a secondary filter after the magnetic roller to extract the smaller particles. This ensured that tool changes and product rejects caused by ferrous contamination were reduced to virtually zero. In addition the lifespan of the oil was increased by 30% as the solution was not affected by ferrous contamination.