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Automag Skid extracts 12,000Kg of ferrous contamination per month

Steel Rolling & Pickling

Company Name: Steelscape

Location: Kalama (USA)

Eclipse Product Installed: Automag AM6 Skid

Industry: Construction Steel

Process Type: Steel Rolling and Pickling

Machine Type: Wash System

Our Client

Steelscape is one of the USA’s largest suppliers of coated and pre-painted steel for the construction industry. They import steel rolls which are then pickled in hydrochloric acid to remove any scale. The steel is then cold rolled to the required thickness. During the rolling process the steel is sprayed with water to remove any residual pickling solution. The water and wash off debris then flows into a floor pit and then through an Oberlin differential pressure filter which is fitted with 50 micron paper before re-starting the wash cycle.

The Challenge

Ferrous particles smaller than 50 microns, continued to circulate. As steel passed through the rollers, the particles caused imperfections in the steel surface. Smaller micron filters were trialled but became blocked very quickly due to the volume of ferrous contamination. This resulted in downtime and high replacement media costs.

The Solution

An Automag AM6 skid was fitted before the Oberlin filter. The Automag is fed by a submersible vertical feed pump which provided sufficient agitation to ensure the ferrous particles are circulated. As a result of fitting Automag approximately 12000Kg (26400 lbs) of ferrous oxide is extracted each month and reject rates have fallen to virtually zero.