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Filtramag 2.5 ensures clean and accurate finish of Tungsten Carbide

Tool Blanks Preparation

Company Name: Hartmetall

Location: Hartlebury, Worcestershire, UK

Eclipse Product Installed: Filtramag FM2.5

Industry: Machine Tools

Process Type: Tool blanks preparation/grinding

Our Client

Hartmetall UK is a distributor of tungsten carbide rods, strips, and blocks for cutting tool manufacturers. Based in Hartlebury, Worcestershire, they also manufacture blanks for rotary cutting tools up to 40 mm. in diameter.Preparation of the blanks begins with accurate cutting of the tungsten carbide rod. In order to ensure clean cutting, optimise wheel life, and minimise cycle times, it is imperative that the coolant used is suitably filtered before it is reintroduced into the grinding process. Clean and accurate cutting of the tungsten carbide is very important as it reduces setup and grinding time for Hartmetall and its customers.

The Challenge

Hartmetall UK previously used a number of methods for filtration including cyclonic and cartridge filters. The cyclonic filtration device was inadequate, however, and quickly became overwhelmed by the build-up of sediment. It subsequently stopped working effectively and was reintroducing the carbide particles into the reservoir of clean coolant and recirculating them through the system. The abrasive nature of the slurry contaminates and wears all that it comes into contact with, therefore it was literally wearing the machine out from the inside. The contamination resulted in shorter wheel life, poor finish, inaccuracy, and most importantly dissatisfied customers.

The Solution

In their search for a solution, Hartmetall UK spoke to Elite Tooling based in Rotherham. Elite Tooling has a multilayer approach whereby a Filtramag is incorporated into the system they use on their cutter grinders. They have found that the inclusion of the Filtramag has been a great benefit. After witnessing the success of the incorporation of a Filtramag into Elite Tooling process, Hartmetall UK invited Graham Thorpe, Sales Manager for Eclipse Magnetics, to demonstrate the efficiency of the Filtramag in their slitting machine. Mark Turton, Managing Director at Hartmetall UK said “Graham casually stirred the ‘clean’ coolant with a magnetic rod as used in the Filtramag, and pulled out what can only be described as a lollipop of slurry. It was so effective, we gave him the order there and then.”

Eclipse Magnetics provided Hartmetall UK with a Filtramag FM2.5 that they installed onto an existing machine in 2014. The Filtramag worked so well that an order was placed for a second Filtramag, which was supplied directly to Casalin to be incorporated into the build of a 253 HT-TMD cut off machine. The 11,000 gauss magnetic core pack ensures that almost 100% of the contamination is removed on first pass through the filter. High intensity magnetic cores ensure particle filtration down to sub-micron size, ensuring that the fluid is fully filtered and therefore eliminating the problems highlighted.The Filtramag FM2.5 from Eclipse Magnetics has allowed Hartmetall UK to reduce cycle times, increase wheel life, and maintain the high level of finish that their customers expect, whilst hopefully extending the life of the machine. There are no running costs involved and no filter cartridges to dispose of or purchase. The Filtramag enables the tungsten carbide residue to be collected and there is no costs involved in the disposal of waste as the recovered tungsten carbide can be sold and recycled.

To ensure optimum performance, the Filtramag is inspected daily and cleaned as required. This takes Hartmetall UK only a few minutes as part of their good housekeeping routine, and ensures continued trouble free operation of the machine. It can also be removed and cleaned while the machine is running, eliminating downtime.

The inclusion of the Filtramag has extended the coolant life significantly, therefore reducing the cost of coolant, and reducing the cost of recycling waste coolant. The previous method of filtration required the coolant to be drained and replaced between every 4 and 6 weeks depending on the use of the machine. The Filtramag unit has currently been installed for over 4 months, and the coolant is yet to be changed as it remains clean. Hartmetall UK use Rocol ‘Ultragrind Carbide’ and have found it to be exceptional in performance.