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Micromag saves £7000 per year per machine

Turbocharger Balancing Machines

Location: Bradford (UK)

Eclipse Product Installed: Micromag MM5

Industry: Automotive

Process Type: Turbocharger Balancing Machines

Our Client

This installation is at one of the world’s leading suppliers to the Automotive industry supplying a wide range of Engine and Drivetrain products. On the Turbocharger Balancing machine components are machined to precise specifications. Engine oil is used as lubrication for the process. Originally the machine was fitted with standard cartridge filters.

The Challenge

Ferrous particles were contaminating the oil and quickly fouling up the cartridge filters. The filters were being changed every few days resulting in replacement costs and downtime.

The Solution

Micromag MM5 units were fitted in less than an hour to 4 machines in the fluid circuit prior to the cartridge filters. This dramatically reduced contamination entering the cartridges and significantly increased the lifespan. It was estimated that installing the Micromags saved £7000 ($11000) per year on each machine in consumables and downtime.