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FiltraMag+ Mobile Filtration Unit

Simple, Versatile, Convenient, "Off-Line" Fluid Cleaning

The Filtramag+ mobile unit is an off-line filtration system for cleaning oils and coolants. Featuring the high performance Filtramag+ magnetic filter, this “plug and play” unit offers efficient sub-micron filtration and can be moved easily from machine to machine.

Supplied with an integral pump, spare magnetic core and connection hoses, the Filtramag+ mobile unit provides 24/7 filtration on a multitude of machining applications. The unit also features an integral cleaning station with built in waste containers, making it easy to collect ferrous contamination for recycling.

The Filtramag+ mobile filtration unit is ideal for a variety of applications including; ferrous machining processes, tank draining and cleaning, overnight fluid cleaning, additional filtration and incoming fluid inspection. The high magnetic strength 11,000 gauss version of the unit is also suitable for carbide or cast iron applications.

FiltraMag+ mobile filtration unit


  • • Simple, “Quick-Connect” installation
  • • High performance, sub-micron filtration
  • • Cleaner, longer lasting fluids
  • • Cost savings in disposable filter usage
  • • Improved surface finish and accuracy
  • • Reduced waste disposal and oil wastage
FiltraMag+ mobile filtration unit

Typical Application

  • • Ferrous machining processes
  • • Tank draining & cleaning
  • • Overnight fluid cleaning
  • • Additional filtration
  • • Incoming fluid inspection
  • • Carbide applications
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