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Advanced Magnetic Filtration

Simple Operation with Outstanding Results

Our magnetic filtration systems use advanced magnetic technology to ensure premium performance.

The basic principle of magnetic filtration (also referred to as magnetic separation) is that fluid flows around a magnetic rod or core which attracts ferrous particles, removing them from the fluid and ensuring that clean fluids are returned to the contact area either on a machine tool or wash system. When the magnetic core becomes saturated with ferrous contamination it is then cleaned either manually or, in the case of the Automag, automatically.

Our Magnetic Filters are massively advanced from traditional applications of magnets to remove ferrous particles. In the past magnetic systems were very basic, often consisting of randomly placing a low strength magnetic bar or rod in a settlement tank or a low strength magnetic roller, the results are largely ineffective. Whilst the basic principles are similar, there are huge differences in the product design and levels of performance between our advanced magnetic filters and the magnetic systems of the past.

Eclipse Magnetics use high strength neodymium magnets which attract virtually 100% of the ferrous particles including sub-micron size particles. The advanced magnetic core design creates a magnetic field pattern which ensures that the filters do not block even in high contamination applications.

In addition to magnetic performance, our design and development team also researched fluid flow characteristics, hence our range of filters are designed to optimise the fluid flow, thereby maximising contamination exposure to the magnet and ensuring very high collection rates – WITHOUT interrupting or reducing the fluid rates.

Magnetic filters or magnetic separators are more effective at removing ferrous particles than virtually all other types of filtration. Traditional barrier filters are constrained by the pore size in the barrier- make the pore too big and contamination continues to circulate, make the pore too small and it blocks. See below.

Barrier Filtration

  1. Particles smaller than the pore size remain in the fluid, reducing its efficiency and increasing wear on machinery and cutting tools.
  2. Once full, the contaminated media is disposed of (along with fluid held in it)
  3. The filter can become clogged causing blinding and back pressure

Magnetic Filtration

  1. High intensity magnets remove all particles and clean fluid continues uninterrupted on its way
  2. Once full, the contamination is removed from the magnet and can be recycled with minimal fluid loss
  3. Patented magnetic design means that the filter will not block so there is no blinding or pressure build up

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