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Magnet Materials & Assemblies

OEM Magnetic Assemblies Cost Reduction & Design Improvements Across All Industry Sectors


With 100 years of magnetic expertise we are perfectly placed to provide the optimum magnetic solution for your application. We manufacture a wide range of high performance magnetic materials, finished products and magnetic assemblies, including neodymium magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, ferrite magnets and alnico magnets.

Using our extensive facilities we also provide customised magnetic assemblies design and build solutions, working to precise client specifications.  Alternatively we have a range of over 20,000 off-the-shelf standard magnetic products available in stock. We can also provide extensive advice regarding the best magnetic assembly for your application. Click here to buy magnets online.

Our magnets and magnetic assemblies are widely used in most industries including automotive, food, steel, communications, aerospace and engineering as well as in commercial office and retail premises.

We have considerable expertise in producing magnetic assemblies for the electronics, automotive, aerospace, pumps, audio equipment, sensors and security sectors. Our magnetic expertise is also utilised by research and development companies and academic institutions who are looking for a magnetic assembly or magnetic solution.

If you have a customised magnet or magnetic assembly project to discuss, please contact us.

Choose from our range of materials below:
Rare Earth Neodymium NdFeB
  • • Strongest magnetic pull forces
  • • High resistance to demagnetisation
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Samarium Cobalt SmCo
  • • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • • High corrosion resistance
  • • High resistance to demagnetisation
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Ferrite (Ceramic)
  • • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • • High resistance to demagnetisation
  • • Cost effective
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Alnico (Cast & Sintered)
  • • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • • Good corrosion resistance
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Flexible Magnets (Rubber)
  • • Ideal for vehicle signage
  • • Ideal for display graphics
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  • • Energise to hold versions
  • • Energise to release versions
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Bonded/Molded/Plastic Magnets:
  • Compression Bonded (Plastic)
    • • Ideal for overmolding
    • • Hybrid versions possible
  • Injection Molded (Plastic)
    • • Allows complex shapes
    • • Extremely durable
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Soft Ferrites
  • • Transformer ferrite
  • • Ideal for alternating currents
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Iron Chrome Cobalt FeCrCo
  • • Compass Magnets
  • • Hysteresis brake material
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