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Gravity Feed Metal Detection Systems

Bulk Goods and Powder Metal Detection

Gravity Feed Metal Detection

Gravity feed metal detection systems from Eclipse Magnetics provide complete protection for your process line. Designed specifically to inspect granular and powdered free falling bulk products, our systems are easily integrated into existing process lines to facilitate HACCP systems and comply with safety standards.

Our metal detection systems are fully automatic in operation, and remove any metallic contaminants from bulk materials such as granulate, powder, or flour. As the metal particles are captured from bulk materials in free fall, they are then removed using either an eject flap or a swivel funnel. Easily available standard connections mean that systems can be integrated into existing pipes with minimal effort, in horizontal, vertical, or inclined vacuum and pressure conveyor pipes.

Bespoke Solutions for Granulate, Powder, or Flour

By automatically removing metallic contaminants our bespoke solutions will reduce metal contamination and the risk of product recalls. Combined with a magnetic separator we can help you achieve operational efficiency, increased profitability, and reduce risk of metal contamination in final products. The sophisticated design of our metal detectors also prevents back-jamming, clogging, and the formation of material deposits, allowing thorough and time-saving inside cleaning.

Featured Products

Find out more about our range of free fall metal detectors for a wide range of bulk goods and powder, fully customable to perfectly adapt the system to the specific requirements of materials and feed rates.

Eclipse Magnetics Housed Grid
RAPID 4000

Metal Detector for use on powdery and fine-grained bulk materials Lines. Detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminations. for free-fall applications with low hygienic requirements

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Eclipse Magnetics Liquid Filter
RAPID 5000

Metal separator for free-fall applications with powders and fine-grained granulates. Easy to integrate in existing pipeline systems

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Metal Detector Rapid 8000
RAPID 8000

Metal separator for free-fall applications with coarse-grained or flaky products and high hygienic requirements

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