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Metal Detection Systems for Pneumatic Feed

For Suction and Pneumatic Conveying Lines

Gravity Feed Metal Detection

Pneumatic feed metal detectors are designed to detect and reject metal contamination from pneumatic conveyor pipes, and perfect for high flow rate vacuum conveying or suction lines. By detecting and rejecting metal contamination, our pneumatic feed metal detectors reduce the risk of damage to machinery, reduce the risk of product recalls, and increase process performance, providing a great return on investment.

For Suction and Pneumatic Conveying Lines

Our pneumatic feed metal detection systems can be integrated quickly and easily into existing vacuum or pressure conveyor pipes. Even at high temperatures and high conveying speeds, they reliably remove contaminants from pneumatically conveyed bulk goods with minimal loss of material. Suitable for use in the plastics-processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, our metal detection systems can be used in conjunction with a pneumatic feed magnetic separator to provide a full turnkey and high performance solution for removing metal contamination from your process line.

Featured Products

Take a look at our featured products to find out more about how our metal detectors for pneumatic applications provide optimum protection against interruptions to production, downtime and customer complaints. Suitable for a wide range of goods, we can tailor your solution to meet the specific requirements of materials and feed rates in your system.

Metal Detection GF

Metal separator for Pneumatic conveyor pipes, typically suited to process lines with low hygienic tolerances. The innovative “Quick Flap” removes any contamination from the line with minimal loss of goods material

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Eclipse Magnetics Liquid Filter
GF 4000

For use in processing lines that have high hygienic requirements, available in versions up to ATEX Zone 20. The GF 4000 is typically installed at Inline inspection between silo and filling system (e. g. in mill plants) or at Incoming goods inspection prior to filling silos

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