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Tunnel Systems for Metal Detection

End of Line Tunnel Metal Detection System

Gravity Feed Metal Detection

Tunnel Metal detection systems are perfect for end of line detection of metal contamination. Positioned on conveyors or chutes our tunnel systems allow for the inspection of bulk or packed goods.

Our systems can be fitted onto existing conveyor lines, or have an integrated conveyor system. Our hygienic housing design allows for efficient cleaning and complies with food and safety standards. Smart sensitivity adjustment and intuvite software design helps avoid inaccurate activation and detection.

Featured Products

Our customisable range of free fall metal detectors make it possible to be used for a wide range of goods, and perfectly adapt the system to the specific requirements of material and feed rate

Eclipse Magnetics Housed Grid

Detects Ferrous and non-ferrous contamination, even is product is packed. Integrated onto a conveyor belt or on material slide, The INTUITY has a high metal sensitivity throughout the whole tunnel area.

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Eclipse Magnetics Liquid Filter

A Highly sensitive system that can precisely detect metal contamination in bulk and packed goods. Eclipse offers complete integration with conveyor, line dividers, and other separation systems, to optimise your process line and safeguard your product and machinery.

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Eclipse Magnetics Pneumag

The UNICON+ is a full turnkey metal detection systems. Meeting all HACCP requirments and avliavle up to ATEX zone 20. The system can be integrated into various reject options, and can be used to inspect goods up to 130kg.

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