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The high-performance INTUITY metal detector is widely used in the food industry for inspection of packaged, unpackaged and bulk products on conveyor systems. Conductive product signals are managed via multi-simultaneous frequency technology to provide detection of all types of metals, magnetic or non-magnetic, stainless steel, iron or brass down to the smallest levels possible.

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  • Innovative user interface INTUITY CONTROL
  • The combination of high-quality metal detection and very simple user friendly menus makes it easy for every user to operate right from day one.
  • The well-designed graphical user interface facilitates clear understanding and provides a good overview of the information.


  • Ergonomic position of user interface on the Metal detector and easy to operate user interface INTUITY CONTROL
  • Automatic Audit-check Software alerts when validation is required. All results are recorded within the system logbook
  • Elimination of product effect for pure clean metal signals
  • Meet or Exceeds IFS, BRC and other food safety standards for metal detectors


  • The INTUITY metal detector can be integrated onto a range of Sesotec conveyor solutions complete with automatic rejection systems and containment bins.
  • All events are logged in the logbook and are available for quality evaluations and audits via Ethernet or USB.

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