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Metal Detection Systems

Process Protection for the Food, Pharmaceutical, & Chemical Industries

Metal is one of the most common contaminants found in production lines, and one of the processing industry’s biggest challenges when it comes to ensuring the maximum integrity of the finished product.

Metal contamination can be introduced at any point in the process; from machinery components to utensils and handling equipment. Due to the high risks involved in contamination, including harm to customers, and damage to brand reputation, it is absolutely critical to use metal detection and magnetic separation throughout the production process.

Official Partner for SESOTEC in the UK

Gravity Feed Metal Detection

Eclipse Magnetics is proud to be the official Partner for SESOTEC products in the UK. As one of the leading specialists for contamination detection and materials sorting, SESOTEC is the perfect partner for Eclipse, allowing us to expand our current range of magnetic separation and detection systems to include an impressive range of metal detection systems, X-ray detection systems, and magnet systems.

Eclipse Magnetics provides full turnkey solutions to minimise the risk of metal contamination in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical production lines. Our high intensity magnetic separators, combined in line with a state of the art SESOTEC metal detector, offer the very highest levels of protection. Fully compliant with safety standards, and the perfect addition to a robust HACCP system, Eclipse Magnetics can provide a complete contamination protection package for your business.

Reduce Risk of Machinery Damage or Product Recall

Depending on the application, our metal detection systems can be combined with various reject devices to provide a fully integrated solution. Sophisticated detect and reject systems successfully remove metal contamination, either before it can enter your production machinery, or before it enters the market in the final product. Our systems effectively safeguard your assets, your reputation, and most importantly, your customers

Featured Products

If you’re looking for a bespoke, turnkey contamination protection solution that is perfectly engineered to fit your processing line, Eclipse Magnetics can help. Take a look at our featured products to find out more about how our range of metal detection and magnetic separation systems reduce downtime, reduce recalls, and improve safety.

Eclipse Magnetics Gravity Free Fall
RAPID 4000

Metal Detector for use on powdery and fine-grained bulk materials Lines. Detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination. Hygienic design without any corners and edges in the separation unit which complies with IFS and HACCP.

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Eclipse Magnetics Liquid Filter
GF 4000

For use on pneumatic process lines, inspecting bulk materials (granulate, powder etc) Detection and separation of magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities. Easy to integrate in existing pipeline systems

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Metal Detector for to inspect bulk materials on conveyor belts, detects ferrous and nonferrous metals of packed and unpacked product.

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Industrial Optimisation & Increased Productivity

Our metal detection systems not only improve safety, but can improve productivity too. With easy to use controls, intuitive set up, and 100% repeatability, metal detectors can help to improve your process optimisation.

Sophisticated touch screen controls and simple menu commands enable smooth operation, limit down time, and reduce the amount of defective and contaminated product. Process lines fitted with our metal detection and magnetic separation systems operate for longer, with extremely low risk of critical failure, and show a clear return on investment.

For more information on preventing metal contamination or provide a bespoke contamination protection solution, please contact our team today.

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