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High Performance Magnetic Separation and Metal Detection for the Plastics Industry

Our range of Metal Separation and Detection systems has been developed to increase efficiency by protecting expensive process machinery from potentially damaging metal contamination, thereby reducing breakdowns and increasing productivity. They are used in either virgin or recycling processes to protect equipment such as injection or blow moulding tooling, grinders, extruders, nozzles, mixers and rollers from ferrous objects such as nails, screws, metal closures or fine particles created by process wear.

Metal Separation and Detection systems are a key component in ensuring that the finished product meets required quality standards. Fine particle metal contamination can reduce the quality of virgin or recycled materials and finished products. Larger metal-based items can cause blockages which have an adverse effect on the final injection process, thereby reducing end product quality. Click here to view our full range.

Our Separation and Detection systems are widely used in various critical points in plastics processing - Click here to typical installation points

Featured Products

Easy Clean Housed Grid Plastics
Modular Easy Clean Housed Grid

Our cost-effective high intensity easy clean housed grids can be installed easily into gravity feed lines. Ideal for powders and granulate the unit contains one or more easy clean magnetic grids secured by tri-cone locking nuts in a removeable housing.

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Pneumatic Plastic Separation

The Pneumag can be incorporated into pneumatic feed lines from lean to dense phase. Suitable for dry powders or granules the unit contains a high intensity double row magnetic cartridge.

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Chute Magnetic Plastic Magnetic Separation
Chute Magnet

The Chute Magnetic separator has been designed to operate in arduous conditions to capture primary contamination such as wire, nuts and bolts.

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Eclipse Provide Magnetic Solution for Bottle Sorting Plant

We provided magnetic separators for one of Europe’s largest mixed plastic bottle sorting facilities which processes over 140,000 tonnes of material each year.

In addition batches of the final pellet extrusion will be rejected due to metal being present.


Detergent bottles are fitted with metal spring loaded trigger mechanisms which become fragmented during the granulating process. If the metal is not removed it causes damage to equipment, such as pellet extruders and wash systems. 

Our Auto-Rota Shuttle magnetic separation system. With high intensity 9000 gauss magnetic rods, the Auto-Rota Shuttle captures the metal fragments. In addition the magnetic assembly rotates in process, ensuring that the granules are turned as they flow through the unit. This prevents any bridging or blockages around the magnets thus ensuring a uniform flow of the granulated plastic. The Auto-Rota Shuttle is ideal for continuous 24hour operation, it’s fully automated cleaning system discharges ferrous contamination without having to stop the line for cleaning or routine maintenance. 2 Auto-Rota Shuttle units remove 85kg of ferrous materials from the process each week, thereby protecting machinery and the end product.