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Steel Industry

A range of magnetic solutions drive process efficiency.


As a 100 year old company based in Sheffield, the home of steel, it is no surprise we are heavily involved in the steel industry; supplying a number of magnetic products which provide process efficiencies for the steel industry.

We supply process enhancing solutions for steel production processes in rolling mills, forges, proof machining, surface treatment, NDT and for leading steel stockholders. Our client base includes leading names such as Tata Steel, Vallourec, Celsa, Steel UK, United Cast Bar Group, Barrett Steel, Firth Rixson, Sheffield Forgemasters, ESS Steels and Abbey Forged Products to name a few.

As with all our magnetic solutions, we carefully understand the specific needs of the steel industry and then produce a product which offers problem solving qualities and provides a rapid return on investment.

Our magnetic filtration systems are widely used in processes such as steel rolling, quenching , tube forming and cutting, surface treatment, spray bars, steel sawing, steel threading, roller lubrication and wash systems. Our filtration systems remove high volumes of both coarse and fine ferrous particles from fluids such as oils, wash solutions, coolants and water, thereby ensuring the quality and surface finish of the steel are not compromised by ferrous contamination. In addition our magnetic filtration systems save money by extending the lifespan of fluids and reducing man hours spent on operations such as cleaning out holding tanks and blocked pipework.

Our magnetic lifting systems provide safe and efficient movement of finished steel stock. We have a choice of specially designed lifting systems for moving flat, round or thin plate section loads up to 3000kg. Our lifting systems are ideal for sites where space is at a premium as they only require access to one face engage the lift. They protect the load from surface damage and require only single person operation. In addition our systems have built-in failsafe safety mechanisms which ensure compliance with relevant HSE and lifting and handling regulations.

Precision, repeated accuracy is provided by our range of workholding products. Our magnetic chucks are widely used for clamping of bar or steel plate components during milling, grinding, cutting or drilling applications.

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