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High Performance Magnetic Workholding Systems - Milling and Grinding Chucks


How a machined part is held is as important as how it is cut - so choosing the correct workholding method is vital to maximise production efficiency. Since making the world’s first permanent magnetic chuck in 1934 we have remained at the forefront of workholding systems.  We have a range of permanent magnetic chucks and electro permanent magnetic chucks for grinding, milling and cutting applications.

Specifying an Eclipse Magnetics’ chuck or workholding system provides a range of advantages for your process:
Vast improvements in production efficiency
  • • Magnetic chucks allow faster set up, feed rates and metal removal – can give a 500% increase in units per hour output
  • • Minimal clamping time – instant location, no manual clamping
  • • Magnetic workholding systems give continuous 5 face machining – no need to stop and re-position
  • • Magnetic chucks give excellent access for through machining, cutting and drilling
  • • Improved safety – failsafe magnetic technology guarantees a secure hold
Guaranteed precision
  • • 100% consistent clamping – no operator variations
  • • Eliminates vibration or chatter – extends tool life and improves accuracy
  • • Magnetic chucks are ideal for multi-part and multi directional machining
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